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In the mornings, eat foods such as upma, poha, parantha and milk. Breakfast means a simple healthy food served on her plate for Kareena. And now, Kareena, known for her honesty about topics like dieting and losing weight, has opened up about how she shed baby fat. Plenty of cardio exercises such as running, biking, swimming; when shooting outdoors, she prefers going for long walks Pranayama, Bikram yoga, and Surya Namaskar Different types of asanas — Kapalbhati for relieving stress, Virbhadrasana and Parvatasana for enhancing strength of legs, Bhujangasana for strengthening the back, and Naukasana for developing firm abs Kareena Kapoor Yoga Video: I had child-bearing hips and gained a lot of weight.

Get your glowing skin and hair back post-pregnancy The celebrity nutrionist also addressed the dark circles most women find themselves plagued with post-partum.

But Kareena is also a firm believer that new moms should be proud of their bodies. She also firmly believes in Yoga as it is effective in synergizing the body and mind. Well, in this fitness post, let us find out the real diet and workout techniques followed by Kareena to lose so much weight in less time without affecting her facial beauty.

Patel agrees that getting back to your routine, especially a workout, is helpful in dealing with post-partum depression too. Eat within 10 minutes of waking up, and typically start the day off with fruit.

The structure of the program is built around diet and exercise. This will not only solve hunger pangs but also flushes out impurities from your body. The six-time Filmfare Award winner was a chubby Punjabi girl at the start of her career but impressed everyone in when she flaunted her size-zero figure by donning a bikini in the movie Tashan.

How to Fuel for a Duathlon Indian actress Kareena Kapoor has drawn attention with her physique and weight loss. Please do share your views and opinions in the below comments section.

Although she has ditched her size zero looks, Kareena still maintains her fitness with a proper diet and workout regimen. So, first eat healthy and then concentrate on exercise.

But now, I enjoy my coffee with enough sugar. Under the supervision of popular dietician and nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Mumbai based celebrity nutritionistKareena followed a strict nutritional diet and fitness programs to become slim and the result is not hidden to anyone.

Her diet includes 5 meals a day. Cardio exercises and Yoga are the parts of her daily workouts. The diet and exercise program will last eight months at minimum. She lost a reported 20 lbs. She thanks Yoga for the glow on her face! Work up in increments or lower the intensity initially.

Revealed: Kareena Kapoor Khan’s 'size zero' diet mantra

Cardio Exercises: Kareena Kapoor Diet Plan Being a hardcore vegetarian, Kareena includes all the healthy and nutritious vegetarian foods in her diet. Before starting her career in Bollywood, Kareena used to be a real chubby Punjabi girl.

Aside from keeping a strict calorie count, she also paid attention to her calcium levels. It has just been phenomenal. For breakfast she has parathas or upma along with muesli Her mid day snack is a brown bread veg sandwich Her lunch comprises of lots of salad along with home cooked dal, veggies and chapattis For evening snack she has soya milk with a handful of nuts She likes her dinner to be light and usually consists of dal, chapattis and veggies with some curd and brown rice.

Having anything available from your locality and eating the right food is what Rujuta has inculcated within me over the years. This not only keeps me cool, calm but healthy and my stomach feels full. She avoids having high-calorie diet like rice, but she finds herself unable to resist her love for cheese.

Protein Shake and Nuts Dinner:Kareena Kapoor Diet Plan Being a hardcore vegetarian, Kareena includes all the healthy and nutritious vegetarian foods in her diet. Starting her day with fruit juice or milk, she doesn’t like to begin her day with tea or coffee.

Kareena denies rumours of anorexia and states that she has been on a healthy diet. The actress has been eating parathas for breakfast, chappatis for lunch and snacking on nuts.

She has achieved her new weight by following a strict diet and fitness plan including two hours of power yoga a day. Kareena Kapoor Khan, nicknamed "Bebo", is a six-time Filmfare Award-winning Indian actress who acted in over 60 movies since her debut in She is recognised for her high-profile contributions to the film industry and philanthropic endeavours.

In addition to acting, she is a stage performer and. Kareena Kapoor Khan kept a billion people obsessed with her pregnancy, with fans making copious notes on her maternity style and, of course, feeling indignant when they weren’t consulted on the.

Kareena Kapoor is a superstar, fashion icon, and diva of Bollywood and she has always stood out, right from her first movie “Refugee” to her current job as a host on Ishq radio.

Her strong determination, disciplined life and dedication towards her workout and health in general has made her one of the hottest heroines in Bollywood. She has always surprised us with amazing transformation, be it with size-zero. Kareena Kapoor Diet Plan She is a hardcore vegetarian, so she includes all the nutritious vegetables and fruits in her diet.

She believes food consumed in a day should be proportional to physical activity during the day.

The Secret of Size Zero Kareena
Kareena kapoor diet tashan
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